Another Business Book?

Many business books focus on personal behaviour, however, I Am The Problem concentrates on the behavioural self-awareness of the leadership team, and the impact that has on the success of a business. 

I Am The Problem is packed with valuable tools, insights and stories that you can apply immediately to deliver real lasting benefits for you, your teams and your business .... but you would expect us to say that - which is why we thought you should hear what others that have read the book had to say. 

Soozey Johnstone has written one of the most intelligent, practical and deeply honest books that I have ever read.

The complexity of being successful in a business of any size has been broken into overcoming 9 key obstacles. To do this will require inner contemplation, group engagement and some seriously honest conversations. The end result will be extraordinary. I can’t recommend Soozey’s book highly enough.

Andrew Griffiths
Australia's #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author

The best book on running a business ever written by an Australian. It will transform the thinking of leaders worldwide.

Richard Skarzynksi
Former Managing Director of a $100 million company, now leading government and corporate advisor, Coraggio

I just love this book. I have never read anything this carefully. I love the lengthy introduction: it reveals your authenticity. I have learned so much from you and about you and your approach. I'm reading it with the aim of being the person I need to be by the end of the book. I will be the change-maker in our business and shape the future with my team. I can see it now.

Julian Fraser
National Relationship Manager- Aviation, QBE Australia

I’m a very visual person and not much of a reader, but I just couldn’t stop reading, “I am the problem” by Soozey.

Simple, practical but a powerful tool that enables one to step away from the daily management grind and self-reflect!

Indi Siriniwasa
Enterprise Sales Leader - Trend Micro, Australia & New Zealand

Soozey's book is a must read. It is practical, powerful, easy to read and full of great ideas. I have read it with a pen and fluoro, constantly relating it to what I can do to improve my business. Soozey's passion for what she does is obvious and contagious. 

Cyril Peupion
Author of Work Smarter, Live Better

I'm loving the book! After having read it, I now have it sitting within easy reach in the office and pick it up frequently. The insights it contains are easily accessible and always helpful.

It is a great tool that helps me both in 'keeping it real' and in knowing that the daily challenges of management, which at times seem overwhelming, are not mine alone and that there is a way forward. It directs me to self-reflection and pragmatic solutions to issues big and small. The processes for analyses are clear and immediately accessible as are the practical suggestions for good practice. In short it can be used for long term as well as day to day improvement. 

John Molony
Executive Director, Deakin International

Soozey has been my staff development guru for over 10 years and for very good reasons. I turn to her on my toughest assignments and she has never failed to deliver results. Soozey uses her energy, tailored approach and deep understanding of human behaviour to awaken self awareness in those she works with. I Am The Problem is an essential addition to your leadership 'toolkit'.
Darren Taylor
VP Internal Audit, Amcor Ltd

Soozey will tell you, "Its all about the people!"

Having a clear mission, great strategy and attainable goals for your business amount to nothing if your people are not engaged and willing to put their heart and soul into the business and own the outcome.  Working in the technology space, we have many smart people, many of whom are introverted and quiet achievers. But often, we get in our own way of success. I have used Soozey in a number of my business ventures to break thru these barriers and to unleash the will to succeed! Read this book and give it to your staff .. it will be the best investment you ever make. 

Trevor Townsend
Serial Entrepreneur

Soozey has a natural talent to quickly identify the issues and insights that are required to lead change in a positive manner. We have worked together to create a high performing team with its own 'ethos' and 'esprit de corps'. The experience gained from such an exercise enabled a new threshold to be reached for myself personally in the areas of Human Capital Management and strategic leadership. 

I have subsequently used and built upon those very same principles in other organisations during my career. 

Joe Locandro, Director Information Technology
Cathay Pacific | Information Management | Executive Office

Soozey is one of those rare individuals who brings a positive perspective to everything she does. Impossible is not a word in her dictionary. She has an incredible ability to combine enthusiasm, drive and critical thinking to tackle even the most difficult business challenges. 

She has mentored many executives and forced them to challenge the status quo in their careers. She supports people with a structured approach to achieving their goals and a tenacious attitude that holds them accountable for their commitments. Her perspectives are based on a wealth of real life experiences and an attitude that we should pursue our dreams and not settle for second best. 

Soozey has helped me greatly in my career and she is one of the people that I trust most to provide me with honest advice and innovative ideas. She is a powerhouse of energy and positive thinking!

Mark Hamill
Group Manager, Risk & Assurance at Fortescue Metals Group

I Am The Problem is an honest and pragmatic assessment of the human challenge with change - that we don't comfortably look to ourselves as the starting point. Every chapter in this book is a facet of the prism through which we must see ourselves in order to understand why we get what we get in life. With this perspective we can begin to change our self and the world around us. I am also the Solution ...

Stuart McGregor
Partner, Hames McGregor + Partners

I have watched Soozey Johnstone help transform successful business leaders into exceptional business leaders for over fifteen years. In I Am The Problem, Soozey shares her expertise and insight into leadership and business success in the same way she helps business leaders daily - by being refreshingly honest, direct, humorous and always with integrity.

Soozey's insight into human behaviour is extraordinary. Now is your opportunity to spend time with Soozey with this great read. Get ready to learn and grow!

Jennifer Galvin-Rowley
Director, Galvin-Rowley Executive

As a small business owner and someone who has assisted many business people with their finances, I can highly recommend Soozey and her book I Am The Problem. So many management books talk the talk but never give you sensible, practical advice on how to walk it!

Follow the tools here and see immediate improvement in your bottom line as it shows you how to actually get results .. what a refreshing change.

Louise Lucas
CEO, Why Money Matters

Would you like to know what's holding your business back? Give a copy of this book to every member of your leadership team and write on the inside cover, 'Read this book and give me measurable feedback about how we can do better and I can lead better.' Then, start taking action on the responses that you get. It will be the best use of your time this year!

Claire Marriott
Managing Director, APAC Leaders

Soozey's methodology for business success has application for organisations of different sizes across different industries. The small changes that every individual can make to imporve communications, processes and break bad habits can have profound beneficial consequences and enable organisations to achieve their broader collective goals.

Soozey has developed simple but effective steps that every leader, or aspiring leader can take to improve their own personal motivation and effectiveness - and that of the people around them. 

The approach is not at all 'light and fluffy'. Breaking habits also means challenging individuals to make the tough decision for both their personal benefit and that of their organisation's. 

Dan Feldman
Managing Partner, HR Legal

I found Soozey more or less by chance. Chatting to another your CEO on a domestic flight we found parallels in our companies - but there were distinct differences. His direction was clear, his team sounded cohesive and passionate: he had an unwavering trust in them. Most of all he was enthusiastic, focused and excited about the future and how Soozey was a major part of how he got there. 

Engaging Soozey for me proved to be much more than just executive business coaching. This is managing people and personalities at a far deeper level to achieve goals that benefit everyone - not just the P&L. Understanding what makes you team tick is one part, discovering what makes you tick brings business and life beyond the office walls to a completely different level. 

Simon Paull
CEO, Paull & Warner

Just fabulous. Useful. Generous. Warm.
One thing that stood out was the efficiency of the book.
You should be very, very proud. I love the place and the experiences that the book came from.

Catherine Deveny
Writer, Comedian, Speaker

Congratulations Soozey on your latest book - I Am The Problem. I predict this excellent book, which as you say "is the result of 20 years of chipping away at the coalface, keeping your eyes and ears open" - will be an International Best Seller in 2015. Well done Soozey!

Robyn Henderson
Networking Strategist

Soozey's energetic, practical and determined approach is inspiring. She was able to create an environment in which I was able to challenge myself and to face my shortcomings in terms of leadership, communication and interactions with my teams. Soozey encouraged me to spend time reflecting rather than 'just doing' so that I became more effective in my life at professional, business and personal levels. 

My first challenge was to reassess my attention and intentions - where should I focus my time and energy to achieve my 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' (BHAG) for the company? This required me to really work hard on my time management and task prioritisation as well as my personal behaviours and communication style. Of course, this required me to challenge my existing mindset and to break through my comfort zones. 

This personal work is critical to the success of effective change so I suppose I needed to change from the 'inside out'. I have a new way of approaching and living my life, and although it can be a daily challenge after two years I feel that I work smarter and live better. 

Soozey encouraged me to examine my real purpose in life at a personal level so that I could clarify how I could best serve our customers and fulfil our mission and vision. This has been a life changing experience and I feel more confident and competent in my professional, business and personal lives thanks to Soozey Johnstone. 

Chris Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer, Health Workforce Queensland

From the moment I first met Soozey I knew she was a special person. Soozey has a zest for life matched by a fierce determination to be successful at everything she takes on. Her career has involved dealing with people from every walk of life, and a diversity of professions and industry. She has developed a deep understanding of people and personal motivations that is matched by very few. 

Soozey has put these learnings into practice, getting the best out of people while guiding them through life and career. It seemed natural for Soozey to extend her reach. Writing this book is her way of doing so. 

Glenn Fielding
Chief Executive Officer, UXC Professional Solutions

Any interaction with Soozey leaves you feeling energised and inspired with what is possible. She is the most natural marketer I have met and knows exactly how to get the most from a team. 

She really gets business and couples this insight with a personal style that is engaging and empathetic to the person she is dealing with. 

Tom Stianos
CEO, SMS Management & Technology

Soozey is responsible for changing my life direction!

Soozey enabled me to better understand what I was really passionate about. I am loving my career assisting the poorest of the poor in fifteen nations by facilitating development projects, helping donors give wisely and seeing lives transformed! Soozey is a breath of fresh air in any business environment and her wisdom, insight and engaging style has guided me and many others to do what we love. 

Richard Beaumont
CEO, Entrust Foundation