About Soozey
Soozey Johnstone is one of Australia's most experienced and respected executive advisors who shapes the medium-sized businesses of today into the compassionate corporations of tomorrow. 

Soozey's work focuses on the gap between what people want for themselves, and what their organisations want from them, and how to bring those two things into alignment - in the process releasing a gale of productivity for the organisation and vastly improved personal satisfaction for the individuals concerned. She is the brains behind dramatic turnarounds in organisation's performances solely by focusing on their people, and also the key ingredient in many people either making a positive career move or being promoted.

Soozey guides a small hand-picked team of colleagues to create little corporate miracles, every day. 

She is Aussie to her bootstraps, fresh, direct, empathetic, and down to earth. She will even guarantee the results of her work. In short, she doesn't offer transient quick fixes, she offers fixes that stay fixed....and that's what her first book offers, too.

So don't procrastinate, buy it.