Soozey Johnstone - one of Australia's most experienced and respected business and team advisors - is enjoying great success with her first book, I Am The Problem.

The book brilliantly reveals the roadblocks that hold teams back - roadblocks of character, team dynamics, or missing skills - and the roadblocks in ourselves that we can cure. 

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I Am The Problem is the most insightful and easiest-to-implement book on dysfunctional executive teams - how to make success happen more often and more easily, and rediscovering your organisational "mojo".

The book is a very practical "hands on" primer if you'e facing apparently intractable organisational obstacles, whether or not your organisation is recognising or facing up to those obstacles - yet.

Choose to act on any of the 9 obstacles, or just one, or a few, or all of them. Acting on ALL of them would be a genuinely transformative move.

Acting on any of the advice in the book will make you happier, and your organisation much more functional and successful. Each chapter includes a simple to follow "To Do" list to make implementing positive change easy and painless.

I Am The Problem is the best thirty bucks you will ever invest in the success of your organisation, and your personal well-being. Invest now, click the button below!

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